All about sex and making love

Sex is part of our everyday life. We hear about it, we talk about it and try it on our own skin. Once upon a time, its job was to ensure the continuation of the human race. For thousands of years, its role has remained almost unchanged. But today, we look at sex differently. Besides the primary purpose, we consider sex as fun. Diversifying the life of people on earth. It is considered to be the spice of the relationship, and therefore it is no surprise that if it does not work in bed, it also causes troubles with the relationship. Fortunately, the ability to perform quality sexual performances in bed can be gained over time. You just need to acquire theoretical knowledge and then test them in practice. We will not do a practical part for you, but we will teach you the rest here.


Sex and love

Sex is an important part of the relationship. Intimate coexistence of partners strengthens the relationship and improves its function. Without quality sex, the relationship can not last long. That is why we need to work together in this area and make sure that both partners are happy with an active sex life.

Problems with erection

One of the men's secret desire is for their penis to work long and well. This is not always the case. The guys are being attacked by the disease called Erectile dysfunction. When the penis stops working as it should, every advice is expensive. In this fight, however, no man is alone.

Casual sex

Nowadays, we do not have to rely solely on sex with our own partner. It§s quite the opposite. Times we live in gives us plenty of opportunities to enjoy casual sex. Sometimes it's as easy as go to the bar and pick up a lady. Or take advantage of the situation at the music festival or reach out to your ex.

Women and sex

Satisfying a woman during sex should be the goal of every man. It is not easy to satisfy a woman. Fortunately for us men, it is not an unattainable goal. It wants a certain amount of experience and good technique.