4 reasons for active sexual life

Sex is considered fun. Distraction. Time pleasantly spent with a partner. But did you know that it also has a number of positive effects on your health? Here are 4 reasons for active sex life.

4 reasons for active sexual life

Better sleep is associated with active sex life

Do you have trouble sleeping? Or are you just dangling on the bed, because you're nervous thinking about next day? Active sexual life will help you. Shortly after reaching the orgasm, the body releases the cocktail of positive chemicals and hormones into the blood stream. They release the muscles, suppress the pain and thus get you in absolute peace. Relaxed and satisfied like this, you sleep more easily.

Lower risk of heart attack and stroke

Remember how you are running short of breath during sex, it feels as the heart will jump out from your chest. During sexual intercourse, the whole body gets an excercise. The heart pumps a lot of oxygenated blood to all parts of the body, which has a beneficial effect on the cells. Some scientists say that if you spend intimate moments with your partner at least 3 times a week, reduce the risk of stroke and stroke by as much as a third.

Do not forget that you are strengthening the pelvic floor and congesting of the sexual organs. With a regular "training" is less likely you will need to take generic erection pills in the future.

Active sexual life will help you burn excess calories

All right. This is not an argument that you would be interested at. But it can help convince a partner why they want to have more sex. We mentioned that during the sex heart beats faster. Estimated about 125 beats per minute. It is similar to going up the stairs. The next figure says half an hour is equal to 150 burned calories.

You get rid of stress

Internet is full of instructions on how to get rid of stress. None of them, however, is as simple and enjoyable as sex. Scottish scientists have come to the conclusion that sexually active people have lower blood pressure under stress. This is mainly due to the better oxygenation of the blood and the ignorance of negative things.


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