When will you get the best sex? The British survey has produced surprising results.

Have you ever wondered when you will experience the best sex? You may be thinking about a pubertal period when you start with active sex life and everything is new. Or before you hit the thirties, when you are more experienced and you know better than that. Recent research, however, came with another claim.

When will you get the best sex? The British survey has produced surprising results.

Maybe you've left college gates long ago. You've been busy for years, and you've achieved success in life. But what keeps you awake at night is your sexual life. With your partner, it still works in your bed, but you still feel it's not the the best. Do not despair. Obviously, your sexual peak has not yet come.

The best sex you will experience after thirty

In the UK, they decided to do a survey that would find the answer to the question of when the best sex is experienced. 1281 people aged 50-60 took this test. The scientists were surprised by the answers..

The gentle sex revealed they were sexually most active at the age of 25. Women also admitted that the sexual peak came three years later. The men most often has sex at the age of 29 and experienced the best sex at the age of 35.

Similar results came from another US study. Current researchers at the University of Minnesota have asked a sample of over 6,000 people aged 20-93 about the quality of sex. They confirmed the fact that the quality of sex is increasing with increasing age.

Tip for the best sex for impatient people

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