Why make love tonight

A pleasant evening can be spent in different ways. In a theater, a cinema or a home with a glass of wine and a good book. You can also use it differently. For example with sex. We have prepared several reasons why to make love tonight.

Foreplay is the basis for quality sex

Foreplay. An activity that we probably least like in sex. But women can not imagine making love without it. All the touching and kisses for them form the basis for quality sex. That's why you should spend a lot of time in the common bed games. Your partner will reward you in the next step.

Sex at the festival. 4 tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

Half-naked girls, good music, lots of alcohol. In other words, the music festival. Taking the opportunity and enjoying the sex at the festival is almost an obligation. However, you needn't to forget about a few basic rules. Otherwise you can bring home something other than just pleasant memories.

Sexual games will kill boredom in bed

Even the greatest passion in the bed will cool down in time. You can prevent it. You need to experiment a bit. Try sex in public, in a car or in a fitball. Are you not open to such ideas? Never mind. Try at least sex games.

Want to have more sex? Try these moves.

Want to have more sex? Does it annoy you, that you don't have sex with your partner as often as before? Do not give up and change it. How the usual conversation, dish washing or a little experimentation will help you with this will be explained in this article.

3 Reasons to practise sex at night

Sex belongs to our everyday activities. If we enjoy it at night, we gain several advantages. We have a better quality of sleep, no one distracts us and the sex in public is not as dangerous as it may seem.

Do you need to delay ejaculation? These tips will help you.

Delaying ejaculation may seem stupid. What other things do we actually want from sex? However, bed situations quite often require us to master our own tool perfectly. . For example, when we want to satisfy our partner. Just in such moments, real bed skills shows. That's why we've made a few tips to help you delay ejaculation.

Choose the right position for the first sex and she will fall to your feet

While dating, first sex is an important step. You can handle all the pitfalls of the yard, if you break your premiere in bed, no repairs can be done. One way to avoid this situation is to choose the right position.

3 perfect places for quick sex

You can enjoy quick sex almost anywhere. At home, in a cinema, a dressing room in a shopping mall. With some inconvenience and fear of revelation, you will enjoy more excitement than you would have experienced in your home bed. To get the most out of quickie, we bring you 3 perfect places for quick sex.

How to handle a quickie?

To spice up sexual life, quickie is the right choice. But if you want to enjoy it with your partner, you have to follow some rules. Choosing the right place, position, foreplay. This is just a few basic points to help you handle a quickie.

Sexual abstinence? This way you get rid of it.

Sexual abstinence will sooner or later appear in every relationship. The best prevention is experimentation in bed. Standing sex position, in public or in the car. It is important not to fall into the stereotype. If you did not prevent the problem before it occurred, don't be discouraged. There is still something you can do with sexual abstinence.

What are the ideas of women about sex? You may have been unaware of this.

Experienced men have been able to find out what women's ideas about sex are. Maybe they were not afraid to ask their partner. If they were lucky, they were entrusted with them. Or they played Sherlock Holmes and their sexual desire was scrutinized by research. You can skip the two steps. We have looked at what are the ideas of women about sex.

Thursday is the best day for sex

The quality of our sex life has many factors. Lifestyle, stress at work, satisfaction in relationship. But who would have thought it was days of the week? London scientists have been able to find out that Thursday is the best day for sex.

Sex facts you did not know

Interesting facts about sex. Obviously, you will not impress the family at a common lunch, nor you will talk about them in society. However, these findings are not completely worthless. They will help you better understand sex and become a better lover. Here are the most important sex facts.

How to enjoy morning sex?

Morning getting up may not always be unpleasant. Especially if you use the time in bed for early sex. The procedure is simple. Just snuggle to your partner, wake her up by kissing and touching. Then completely enjoy the union of the two bodies. Early sex will spice up your sex life.

Sex in a car is not just for the young

Men see sex in the car, like a young man's fun. With nostalgia they remember the moments when they did not have a place to spend intimate moments with a girlfriend. So they borrowed a car from their parents and went to the parking lot. Sex in a car may not be just for the young. On the contrary, it can help you with a long-term relationship when a stereotype occurs in bed.

How to start a foreplay she will not forget?

The importance of a foreplay is perhaps known by everyone. Just a few nice moves and a tired partner transforms to a hottie. The more experienced know exactly what to do to properly tune their half. For those less well-known, here's an article on how to start a foreplay that she will not forget.

Do you want to change in bed? Try a standing sex position.

Even the to the most passionate lover sex in bed sooner or later becomes boring. Then is the time to change. One possible solution is to try a standing sex position. Although it sounds complicated, no acrobatic positions should be needed. The correct position will solve everything for you.

Create a romantic atmosphere. Here are some tips.

Romantic atmosphere is a classic especially on Valentine's Day. But then every woman awaits her a little. That's why you should find the soul of romantic in the course of the year. You will please your partner and will make your sex life more enjoyable. It's more complicated to do, but we've prepared some tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere.

Why do women pretend to orgasm?

Why do women pretend to orgasm? Apparently, only a few men pause to reflect on this. Because it's totally illogical. And for us also unimaginable. It's like going out for dinner and leaving after starter. However, women have their reasons. Here are the most important of them.

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