Do you need to delay ejaculation? These tips will help you.

Delaying ejaculation may seem stupid. What other things do we actually want from sex? However, bed situations quite often require us to master our own tool perfectly. . For example, when we want to satisfy our partner. Just in such moments, real bed skills shows. That's why we've made a few tips to help you delay ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation due to Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises were originally intended for girls. However, they are also useful for us. Exercising them regularly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Properly developed muscles help us to delay ejaculation.

Masturbation as a way to delay ejaculation

One way to delay ejaculation is also masturbation. This is especially true for younger generations who still have overload of sexual energy and their sexual activity is not so active. Nothing, however, prevents you from masturbating at a later age. Especially if you know that you have not had sex for a long time and there is a chance that you will get to this activity today.

Also in the case of premature ejaculation, you can try out Dapoxetine or generic sildenafil to improve sexual life in general. They will help you improve your erection, delay ejaculation, and make it easier to satisfy your partner.

Delay ejaculation using two preservatives

Assisting with premature ejaculation can also be done using two condoms. By putting two of them on, your penis will become less sensitive and therefore you will last longer. But it will cost you something. Just desensitizing, will cause you not to enjoy sex as before.

Ejaculation delay can also be done by alternating positions

In order to delay ejaculation, you can also help by choosing the right location. Especially useful are those that are less comfortable. It is important to involve other muscle parts, so that your attention and energy are evenly distributed. One of the options is, for example, standing sex position. Most of the positions are not very comfortable, so you should endure more.

Increased inconvenience is can become a stumbling rock. It is not easy to convince a partner of such a position. However, it must be proved to her that such moments will be worth it.


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