Erectile dysfunction is surrounded by a lot of nonsense. Here are the biggest ones.

Erectile dysfunction. An unpleasant health problem that men are shy talking about. That is why a lot of half-truths and lies about it. They are spreading through the internet and girls talk. But the time has come to see the biggest misconceptions about erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is surrounded by a lot of nonsense. Here are the biggest ones.

Nonsense #1 Erectile dysfunction affects only older men

Rumor has it, that Erectile Dysfunction affects only older men. This, of course, is not true. This disease can harass boys virtually from the moment they start active sexual life. From the first sex. It's the one that's often the breaking point.

The young man wants to meet the expectation of his partner, at the same time he is afraid of getting her pregnant by chance. If everything does not work in this situation, it can be daunt him for the rest of his life. Later, when he is even under more pressure, erectile dysfunction will show up at it's fullest.

Nonsense #2 Erectile dysfunction is not caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Insufficient movement, over eating, smoking, alcohol. All this blocks the blood vessels, it reduces the performance of the heart, which can not ensure that blood organs are properly congested.

Of course, not wants and has time to take care of themselves. Well, to avoid problems with impotence, how is erectile dysfunction disease often called, you do not have to run a marathon or to break a sweat in the gym every day. It can be achieved in other wayas too. The basic prevention is walking. Try a to walk a short distances and from time to time prefer stairs instead of a lift. Your libido will be grateful to you.

Nonsense #3 If it did not work once, it's an erectile dysfunction

If you got once betrayed by nature, you still do not have to immediately buy potency medication. There are many variables affecting our sexual desire, including physical and mental mood. Next time, try to get more comfortable. Try some natural aphrodisiac. If you experience disappointment on a regular basis, it is time to talk to your doctor.

Nonsense #4 The doctor will not solve anything

This nonsense is often driven by one's own fear. The idea that you should get undressed in front of a completely unknown guy is not very tempting. The good news is that your physician can help you. At a minimum, he will find out if you do not have high cholesterol levels or do not show unhealthy results in test results.

If the clinician does not know what the problem is, the path to the urologist follows. He is the best one to find out your problem and how to remove it.

Nonsense #5 Potency drugs are expensive

The last nonsense can be answered yes and no. There are commercially available potency drugs such as Viagra. Blue pill is really expensive. Fortunately, there is also generic Viagra. Those with the same efficiency are incomparably cheaper and will not break your bank.


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