What are the causes and solutions for erectile dysfunction?

One of the most common health problems affecting men is erectile dysfunction. Not every guy has the courage to go to see a doctor. That's why we've prepared this article to get you closer to what causes and solves erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes and solutions for erectile dysfunction?

What kinds of erections do we know?

Erection is a process controlled by hormones and nervous system. During this phenomenon, there is an increase in blood flow that is collected in the erectile corpuscle that is found in the male genital organ.

We know three types of erections:

Reflex erection is caused by stimulation of the sexual organ.
Psychogenic erection occurs through stimulation through imagination, hearing, and visual perceptions.
Night erection is subconscious and comes at night.

What Causes Erection Problems?

Erectile dysfunction is usually a combination of multiple health problems. These may be psychic or physical in nature:
Health problems - diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure
Psychological problems - especially stress, anxiety or depression, and the associated use of antidepressants
Incorrect lifestyle - a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating, few vitamins, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking

How to solve erection problems?

Start with a doctor. It diagnoses the reason for your erection problems and suggests appropriate treatment. A variety of treatments are used, such as hormonal therapy, which increases blood testosterone levels. Or ultrasound is used. It restores the formation of blood vessels and thus improves the blood congestion of the penis.

The last option are high quality prescription sex pills. There is a wide spectrum of them. From those for prescription, to freely available generics like generic Cialis. At the same time, you can reach out to various nutritional supplements that will add missing vitamins and minerals to your body to help restore balance in your body.

But for healthy active sexual life you can do much without a doctor's visit. In particular, it is a change of life. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, omitting various oily and fried foods, or limiting alcohol consumption. At the same time, it is also necessary to work on the psychological side of the treatment. If you can, solve problems that keep you stressed.


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