Female orgasm. These are the facts you did not know about it.

Female orgasm. Every woman longs after him, and hopefully every guy wants her to have it. Although the doctors have been studying it for decades, it is still full of secrets. We have a few facts for you that you probably did not know about a female orgasm.

Female orgasm. These are the facts you did not know about it.

Female orgasm acts as a preventive against many diseases

There is a massive biochemical reaction happening during a female orgasm. The body begins pumping a number of different hormones into the body, including oxytocin and dopamine. It is the first of these two hormones that fights inside of the body with harmful carcinogens. They are one of the causes that cause breast cancer. The deficiency of the second hormone, dopamine, for example results in Parkinson's disease.

At the same time during orgasm, the partner's heart rate increases and her breath fasten. This will result in better oxygenation of all the cells in the body. Therefore, gentlemen, if you want your partner to be in good shape, pay proper attention to the climax.

Female orgasm can take up to 15 minutes

Sexologists say the length of female orgasm is really different. From seconds to unbelievable 15 minutes. Something us men can only dream about. The length of the climax depends on many factors. For example, whether it is a clitoral, which is shorter but more pronounced. Or vaginal, which lasts longer, but its intensity is not so great.

Every fifth woman has a problem to achieve female orgasm

Research on female orgasm has shown that nearly every fifth woman has a problem with achieving a climax. Genetic predisposition, education, inadequate foreplay. Problems why some women have trouble experiencing orgasm are many. You can resolve this issue by visiting your doctor.

Or you can help your partner too. Today, there is female Viagra. They help to congest the female sex organs better, to intensify feelings while making love, and thus to help achieve orgasm.


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