How to help woman reach orgasm

Orgasm. While it is practically an obvious thing for men, it is more complicated with women. That is why many men in the relationship gradually begin to focus more on themselves and their own satisfaction. And this is the beginning of the end of an active sex life of partners. That's why we've made some valuable tips on how to help woman reach orgasm.

How to help woman reach orgasm

Female orgasm

Female genitals are more sensitive than male penis. Shortly before climax, her sexual organs are massively inflated, with a rhythmic retraction of muscles that she can not control by her own will. During orgasm, the front of the cerebral cortex is activated and sexual tension is released. After the end of the climax, the muscles are released throughout the body.

There are several types of female orgasms. The best known is the clitoral orgasm that a woman reaches when irritating the clitoris. Vaginal orgasm is less common. To achieve this, a woman needs at least 20 minutes of intense sex, which is a problem, for example, with erectile dysfunction.

Do not forget about the foreplay

Although you would like to skip to the main part, it is not easy without a foreplay. Women can not easily imagine having intercourse without it. And you should think about this every time you are with a woman. Take advantage of this time, even if it is a long time, to get the woman into the right mood, create a pleasant atmosphere and make her forget about everything else except you. If you skip or underestimate this step, you will have to work harder at next step.

How to reach female orgasm

Of course, there is more possibilities. For example, already mentioned clitoral stimulation. The more demanding process is through the irritation of point G. It is hidden about 5 centimeters from the entrance to the cervix. However, it's important to choose the right position to stimulate it. The most popular and best for romantic sex also, is a missionary position that allows deep penis penetration into the vagina. Another inspiration can be found on the Internet or in Kamasutra.

Do you want to experiment a bit? Try out sex toys. If you still can not satisfy your partner, you can try out the form of female Viagra. It helps women with sexual arousal, better dampening of the vagina and, in some cases, even more intense orgasms.

If you need help, do not be afraid and try generic Kamagra. It will help you last longer during sex and, if necessary, manage other rounds with your partner.


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