Choose the right position for the first sex and she will fall to your feet

While dating, first sex is an important step. You can handle all the pitfalls of the yard, if you break your premiere in bed, no repairs can be done. One way to avoid this situation is to choose the right position.

If you are planning a first sex with a new partner, you should not underestimate preparation. Especially if you are going to make love at home. It is an ideal place to create the right romantic atmosphere.

First sex and missionary

An old, tried and tested classic that you will not ruin anything. Practically, this is the best position for a new loving couple and romantic sex. You can correct the pluses or minuses of your penis (in case that you have large or small penis) by how deeply you are penetrating into the vagina. Alternatively, you can occasionally move the hips and show her that you know a different movement than just in and out. At the same time, you will show that you are not lazy and you can take the initiative.

The partner will also appreciate the benefits of the missionary. She can comfortably lie on the bed while you do the most important part. At the same time, the imperfections of her body, of which many women suffer from complexes, are negated.

First sex and riding position

The first sex is often one of the factors that will show who will be the head of the relationship That's why some girls are not satisfied with leaving everything in bed in your hands. One of these positions where women show their superiority is the riding position.

The advantage for you is that this time she will be the one to do the work, while you can enjoy the view. Women enjoy this position especially because they have the whole theater in their hands.

First sex and standing position

With the sex while standing, you have to kind of judge your partner first. If she is a romantic soul that will probably need a long lead, then do not even try it. These are quite uncomfortable positions from which your half may not be excited about.

However, if she enjoys excitement and a little experimentation, the standing sex position will completely replace the comfort of a missionary or riding position.


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