Foreplay is the basis for quality sex

Foreplay. An activity that we probably least like in sex. But women can not imagine making love without it. All the touching and kisses for them form the basis for quality sex. That's why you should spend a lot of time in the common bed games. Your partner will reward you in the next step.

Foreplay is the basis for quality sex

The fact that foreplay is the basis for quality sex is also proved by scientific research. For example, researchers found that shared intimate moments just before making love to women are associated with the release of the internal muscles in the vagina. Thus the female body prepares for upcoming sexual intercourse.

Foreplay is also associated with psychological relaxation in women. I guess you know yourself how difficult it is to make a woman come if she thinks about a million other things and not about making love to you. Therefore, the few minutes you spend on the forepaly is actually a triumph in your the sleeve.

The foreplay is good for you as well

To pay attention to a woman during the foreplay is a two-sided victory. You mentally and physically prepare your other half for sex, she will reciprocate while having sex. Because it has not happened that the wistful and horny woman has remained rigid during sex, and has just left you make her come without making a move.

In addition, the foreplay will be good for you too. Your body gets excited with all this kissing and touching things, making your erection rising.

How to approach foreplay?

The whole foreplay is simplified by features of the female body. By being sensitive on many places, it's up to you where you start or how you start a foreplay. Passionate kisses? By touching under clothing? We'll leave it to you. Your other half quickly learns what you are following and will start cooperating.

However, it is important to proceed slowly, fluently and empathically with your partner. Your goal should be to excite her so much, she will say enough herself. Then he throws herself at you. Then you will know that you have mastered the foreplay.

Tip at the end. See what to do after sex and prove to your partner that you are the best lover in the world.


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