These five characters will tell, you are not good in bed

How am I in bed? The question that comes from time to time out of subconscious to the surface. We do not want to find the answer. Or we will surely answer it that we are the best one. However a true look at this question can help you improve your relationship with your partner. So read 4 characters that tell you that you are not good in bed.

These five characters tell you that you are not good in bed

You only think of yourself

The basic rule for active partner sex is balance. When having sex, both partners should be satisfied. In search for a satisfaction of their own desire, they forget about their partner. So do not be selfish and focus on her. If she's happy, she'll make sure you're are too.

Experiment with positions

You may have enjoyed one position in puberty. It suits you, and so you have instilled it onto your partner too. It may also be a sign that you are not good at bed, especially if you are always using it, without any change or a sign of innovation, sooner or later it will make your half bored (or already had). So start experimenting. Either talk to your partner about the positions or leave an initiative on her during sex.

You concentrate on orgasm

Sex is not just about climax. If you're only focusing on giving female orgasm during an intimate moment with your partner, your half will feel it. So try to enjoy the moment with a close person. Perceive all movements, touch, smell.

You were inspired by the porn

Restricted sexual education means that, especially in youth, men take inspiration from porn. But reality is different. And what seems good in the video my not be really attractive to the opposite sex. Therefore, during sex try to sense your partner. With a little practice you can feel what she likes and what does not.

You can not do that much

If you love your partner for two minutes and then you're done, she probably will not be too excited. For example, Kegel exercises can help. If the situation does not improve, you do not have to run to the doctor immediately. Try out generic drug Dapoxetine for the treatment of premature ejaculation first. Also generic erection pills will help you with erection, endurance and therefore with self-confidence. Surprise your partner and order our accessories for good sex today.


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