How to achieve good sex? Science gives a helping hand.

Quality sex maintains a balanced relationship. Both partners benefit from it both mentally and physically. Occasionally, however sex is not as envisioned. Then is the time to change. Of course you do not need to immediately knock on the door of the marital counselor or urologist. You can help yourself with the quality of sex.

How to achieve good sex? Science gives a helping hand.

Quality sex begins in the head

Psyche. We do not even know how much it affects the quality of our sex. Every day we are exposed to a lot of stress. At work you have to bear the rising demands of superiors. Home welfare disappears under the burst of duty, unpaid invoices and childcare.

Therefore, if we want to experience quality sex, we should start in our and our partner's subconscious. Create a romantic atmosphere. We leave it to you to decide how. The cup of favorite wine and lit candles has never been a mishap. It is important to bring a partner (and you) to thoughts other than those that are in your head on a daily basis.

Do not have crazy ideas about sex

Hollywood movies and female novels have taught us that quality sex has to take a hours. This, of course, is not true. Research says the average intercourse varies between 3 and 13 minutes. According to doctors, longer sex is not even healthy. So if your shared moments with your partner are within this range, everything is as it should be.

Do you want quality sex, but is it still not happening? Try generics

You set up comfort. You tried aphrodisiacs from all of the world. If it's still not really working try out generic erection pills. These generic medicines work as a substitute for Viagra. Unlike blue pills, however, they are not expensive. On the contrary, they are substantially cheaper, while retaining a comparable quality with Viagra.

However, generic drugs to promote sexual arousal are not only for men. There is even a female Viagra. It helps to improve the flow of blood in the body, including the genitals. That makes women more aware and female orgasm more intense.


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