How to arouse a woman? Touch it in these places.

Do you want to enjoy a moment with a partner, but can not get her into the mood? There's nothing easier. Just focus on the right places on her body and you will get in bed before you think. And no, we do not mean just the ones you usually do.

How to arouse a woman? Touch it in these places.


When you are looking for an answer to the question of how to arouse a woman, there is nothing easier. Start with her head. Kisses are a classic that you will not mess up anything. If you do not stay stiff and you will be running your fingers through her hair or gently massaging her scalp, you will see the change. The actual nerve endings are very sensitive and no leaves no woman cool.

Before you go lower, spend some time wit her ear lobes. Simple touches, as well as kisses, can move women's excitement to the next level. It's not for every woman, but you will not find out unless you try it.


After spending some time with her head, you continue smoothly to her neck. Kisses and touches are an obligation.


The collar-bone looks simple and yet sexy. Often, it is one of the few places that a woman has revealed in a social dress as if she was revealing her vulnerability. And that's what the bones really are. If you pay a little attention to her collar- bones with your kisses or touch, you will not have to ask how to arouse a woman anymore.


We have already jumped really low. The fact remains, however, that men neglect this place. We rarely get lower than the female genitals. And while women really like to be touched on the legs more than most other places. The presence and distance of the male hand from the vagina leads them to madness.

It was only a brief sum of places to arouse the woman with simple touch. You can get inspired or experiment yourself. There is so much more possibilities. Back, legs, abdomen or proven classics. Whatever you choose in the foreplay, you certainly will hit the spot.


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