How to start a foreplay she will not forget?

The importance of a foreplay is perhaps known by everyone. Just a few nice moves and a tired partner transforms to a hottie. The more experienced know exactly what to do to properly tune their half. For those less well-known, here's an article on how to start a foreplay that she will not forget.

How to start a foreplay she will not forget?

How to start the foreplay? Same as in the animal kingdom. For some animal species, there is no mating just like that. On the contrary, the male will make a great effort to show off in front of his potential partner. They have to move slowly and have great patience. Nothing needs to be hurried. If he do well, she lets him mate with her.

We should proceed similarly during the foreplay. Be patient and take as much time as needed.

Do not speed through the foreplay

You can start the foreplay gently. Come to a partner and hug her. Long and firm, feel your presence and eventually your erection. Then kiss. In the beginning only softly, then kiss with more and more intensity. Your half will quickly understand what you are doing and starts cooperating.

After hot kisses, continue with other parts of the body. Eyelids, ears, neck or collar bones. They look dully, but for the woman they are very exciting. Do not skip them before you move your attention to the lower parts.

Do not forget about touching your partner's body gradually. For example, as you kiss her collar bone, your hands can shuffle over other parts of her curves. Pay attention to parts that you would otherwise skip. Ordinary touch on the calves or the inner thighs can do wonders.

How long does a foreplay takes

Optimal time does not exist. Every woman is different. Their daily physical and psychological disposition is equally different. The good news is you do not have to watch your watch. The partner will know when she has enough and wants to go to the next level. And you already know what to do in that one.

How to start foreplay differently

Are not you impatient to play with your partner? A faster version leads through a massage. Offer to massage her. You will help her relax and practically get her naked. From here, it's just a jump stone throw to sex.


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