Impotence - A problem that affects both men and women

Impotence. The disease most commonly associated with men. In fact, this problem also affects the gentle sex. Fortunately for both sides, there is an effective solution. There are various medicines for the potency of a male or even female Viagra.

Impotence - A problem that affects both men and women

What is Impotence?

If you happen to be unaware of what impotence is, doctors call it erectile dysfunction. It is the man's inability to achieve an erection in sexual arousal. This deficiency adds to other problems. If a man is unable to satisfy a woman, it will negatively affect the long term relationship and his psyche.

And because the subject of impotence is a delicate topic, the man has the problem of talking to his partner about it. This adds feelings of shame and anxiety, which often leads to depression. In order for the whole situation not to grow into such dimensions, it is important to know where the roots of impotence are.

Where are the roots of impotence?

It may have happened a few times that your libido did not work as it should. You do not have to worry about erectile dysfunction yet. Many variables affect our sex appeal. For example, stress, fatigue, excessive alcohol consumption, emotional problems etc.

If the problems persist for at least a few months, it is time to act. The best solution is to go to the doctor. He or she finds out if there is a problem of a physical or mental nature. Accordingly will determine the next procedure. But there are also individuals that avoids the doctors at all costs. There is also a solution for men's potency for them.

Drugs for impotence

Without the aforementioned doctor's visit, you probably will not get to Viagra. However, for example, there is generic Levitra that is as effective as other prescription drugs – that is, several hours of erection and restored active sexual life. Unlike commercial drugs, they are incomparably cheaper.

Female Viagra

The problem of lack of sexual arousal or inability to achieve orgasm is also suffered by women. It is even more taboo than male erectile dysfunction. Here too, there is a solution - female Viagra . It's effect comes within 30 minutes after taking the tablet and lasts up to 5 hours. Female Viagra causes blood vessels and clitoris to flush, increasing the chances of female orgasm.


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