Sex facts you did not know

Interesting facts about sex. Obviously, you will not impress the family at a common lunch, nor you will talk about them in society. However, these findings are not completely worthless. They will help you better understand sex and become a better lover. Here are the most important sex facts.

Sex facts you did not know

You do not have to fit in bed

We are not talking about the wrong technique or the messed up foreplay. We mean literally. Some men have too little penis to satisfy their partner. Or the opposite extreme, their penis is too large for a partner's vagina. Both situations are unpleasant, but it is not the reason for splitting up.

There are several positions where a small penis is also fine. Similarly, this applies in the case of large penis. The right choice of a position for a big penis will help eliminate the disadvantages that come from large size.

Regular sex, the path to health

During sex, respectively orgasm the body gets flooded with several hormones. They positively affect our organism. They help, for example, eliminate stress, reduce pain, or even help improve the immune system.

If you really want the best for your partner, pay attention to her also during the menstruation. The orgasm can also help in this situation. It relieves convulsions and softens menstrual pain.

Satisfied even without orgasm

We will stick to the female orgasms for a little bit longer. Lot of partners are dissatisfied with themself if he fails to satisfy his partner However, some women admit that orgasm is not always on the first place.

They can enjoy the overall atmosphere, the foreplay and the intensity of the sex, so even if they do not reach the top, they do not mind that much. Therefore, gentlemen, if you do not make her come occasionally, do not put your heads down.

Quality sex depends on the length of the relationship

Surveys speak with clear voice. The longer you are together, the better sex you have. And it makes sense. You are more coordinated, you understand each other in the bed and beyond, and you know exactly what to do to meet the other's needs.


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