Were you blessed with a large penis?

Which man would not want a bigger penis? Only the one who already has it. Sometimes a woman longs for a partner with large penis, but only until she tries to have sex with him. A large penis has several disadvantages. Let's look at what they are.

Were you blessed with a large penis?

To establish what is referred to as a large penis can be problematic. The size of penis varies widely. The largest officially documented penis had a length of 34.3 cm and a circumference of 15.9 cm. Experts consider to penis be above average if its longer than 20 cm.

Big penis and problematic foreplay

A big penis is a problem especially when you have first sex with a new partner. At the moment when a woman sees he size, she can hesitate. The chance of seeing something similar before is pretty small. Therefore, it is important to take great care of her during foreplay. The woman needs to think of something else and be distracted from what a man has between his legs.

Sex has to be done with caution

Female vagina is very sensitive. Otherwise we would barely be able to satisfy them. But this also has a number of drawbacks, especially if a man has a big penis. It must be particularly careful when doing so. It is impossible to emter a woman unexpectedly and hardly. On the contrary, you have to take great care. But it also has its advantages. Female vagina is the most sensitive first three centimeters. Therefore, when it is slowly penetrated, the excitement begins to move to a completely different level.

At the same time, it is not necessary to go to the maximum stop at the same time. Even female vagina has its own borders. If a man goes too far, the pleasure will soon change to discomfort. In addition, he can hurt her and cause her internal bleeding. So it can be really serious.

The right position is a must for a big penis.

The more experienced women will know how to choose a position still have fun and enjoy it. Otherwise it remains on man's abilities. However, it is not necessary to invent complicated procedures. Vice versa. Ordinary missionary or position from behind is enough. But be careful and not go to "as far as it goes".


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