A lasting relationship is better than one night stand friends. Here are the main benefits.

Long term relationship. For some of us, it may seem like a nightmare. Because there are so many women in the world whom would be worth getting to know. Things are different, however. Having a long term relationship with onepartner has more advantages than you think.

A lasting relationship is better than one night stand friends. Here are the main benefits.

Sex more often

You say that if you are single, you will enjoy more sex. Just go to the disco or register on the right dating website and the wild nights filled with sex are taken care of, right?. Hands on your heart. Do you know who really works this way? If they do, is not it them just over exaggerating? This is, in most cases, a dream rather than a reality. Especially if you do not look like a female sex symbol and does not make women's knees weak.

A permanent relationship has an advantage in this case. You know exactly what you have. You have sex when it suits to both of you and if you do everything according to her ideas, you do not have to worry about leaving empty-handed.

The constant relationship equals better sex

When you change your partners, you can find one that meets your sexual dreams from the first sex you have. But the chance is small. It will take a while before you get synced together. And if you're looking for one night's acquaintances, you will not even get it. Initially, you probably will not mind. Gradually, however, you will want more of a good sex.

You do not have to worry about this in a constant relationship. After a few nights together, you will both know how to meet the other's sexual needs, what you both like and what you should rather avoid.

You do not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases

The threat of sexually transmitted diseases may seem distant, unnecessarily blown. It's still there and you can also get it withouth even knowing when or how. For example, syphilis can be transmitted during oral sex. I do not even talk about HIV. This thing does not have to bother you with one partner.

A lasting relationship and a happy life

An occasional argument with a partner can be tiring. Like her remorse, what you do not do right and how you should change. Then you may say how well you would be if you were single.

You will discover the benefits of relationship when you return home tired all day long. A delicious dinner is waiting for you on a table and your partner will patiently listen to your complaints.


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