Masturbation - Does it harm or benefit?

Masturbation. Does it harm or benefit? A hundred years ago, the answer would have been unambiguous. Harms. According to the preconceptions back hen, the one who masturbated, for example, could go blind. Or wake up with hairy palms. Time has changed and today doctors agree on the beneficial effects of masturbation. Here are some of them.

Masturbation will help with depression and stress

From time to time, everybody feels a bit blue. And active sexual life is one of the best medicine for depression. During orgasm, the hormone endorphin is released into the blood (similarity to heroin is not accidental), which helps to reduce stress hormone levels. If a partner is not close by, masturbation will help.

Masturbation strengthens immunity

Masturbation has several positive effects on our health. Besides the aforementioned dose of endorphins, it acts as a prevention of inflammation of the urinary tract, diabetes or prostate cancer. In particular, the last disease is dangerous for men who do not have regular intercourse. There is a compression of the ejaculate in the prostate area, which may cause the gland to clog and subsequent swelling.

Masturbation will help keep you faithful

Masturbation can also help in the moments when the excitement in the matrimonial bed has vanished. You do not have to seek sexual satisfaction right outside your own bedroom. Just wait for the moment when your wife goes away and devote yourself to it. With a little imagination, the guy "can have" whoever he desires.

Masturbation improves performance in bed

Practise makes a master. We can also apply this old rule to sex. If a guy is longer without a partner, masturbation will help him not get out of practice. This also applies to the appointed masters. In order not to come in the bed shortly after the foreplay, it is necessary to take care of yourself from time to time.

Although masturbation has several benefits, do not overdo it. The one who masturbates will not have a hairy hand, nor does it blind, but spend a few hours masturbating, it's also not right. That is why, as with all other things, it is true - everything with measure.


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