Want to have more sex? Try these moves.

Want to have more sex? Does it annoy you, that you don't have sex with your partner as often as before? Do not give up and change it. How the usual conversation, dish washing or a little experimentation will help you with this will be explained in this article.

You can get more sex by talking to your partner

The decline in sexual activity or sexual abstinence is often based on a lack of communication between the partners. For example, your half may think that your current amount of sex suits you. When you get tired of work, you always think about the dates and things you need to do.

Therefore, if you want more sex, talk to your partner about it. Although it may not be a simple conversation, explain to her that your current sex ratio does not suit you and that you simply wish for more frequent sexual intercourse.

Housework will bring you more sex

Several studies have shown that men who help around the households enjoy more sex than those lazy ones. The cause is simple. If we regularly assist in cleaning, dish washing or disposing of a bin, women are less stressed. In addition, they have a feeling of gratitude that will want to pay you back.

Start training

One of the reasons why the frequency of sex in partnerships is decreasing is also the fact that both partners will stop taking care of themselves. So, if you want more sex, start training. This gives you several benefits. You will feel and look better. Your will become self-confident and other women will start to look at you. And your partner will not be unconcerned.

She will recognize other women's interest in you and you will become the main focus of her attention. There is also a great chance that she will start working out too to make herself more attractive to you.

Experiment in bed

If you want more sex, bring the change to bed. With time, it's not enough to do the same thing all the time. You need to experiment. It does not have to be radical. Try to create a romantic atmosphere at home, play sexual games or try sex in public. Your partner will appreciate your initiative and the changes themselves.


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