How to enjoy morning sex?

Morning getting up may not always be unpleasant. Especially if you use the time in bed for early sex. The procedure is simple. Just snuggle to your partner, wake her up by kissing and touching. Then completely enjoy the union of the two bodies. Early sex will spice up your sex life.

How to enjoy morning sex?

Morning sex is the ideal companion for weekends. During work week, you obviously have both the full head of duties and terms. Saturdays and Sundays are different. You can both sleep longer, are not pushed by any deadline, and early sex can act as a nice alarm clock and start a new day.

How to enjoy morning sex?

Let's get say you get up first. The procedure is really simple. The partner is lying on her side of the bed, facing you back. Start with foreplay. Slowly approach and start kissing revealed parts of her body. No pushing. Then add the touch. Get under her pyjamas (if she wears none, it's better).

This is usually the moment the partner starts to wake up. Then it's time for step two. Get closer to her from back and hug her. By doing this she will feel your closeness and what is important, you will not have to kiss. It is not everybody's pleasure to kiss a partner with so called "morning mouth".

Best positions for morning sex

For morning sex do not choose any wilderness. It should be remembered that the partner is still in the half-sleep and she will not be super excited by some wild positions. Quite the contrary. The more lazy or more romantic sex position you choose the better.

One of the verified classics for early sex is the position of reversed spoon. The partner is lying on her back or she might as well stay lying on her side. You come closer to her from behind and then proceed as you would in the classic position of this format.

Your partner will appreciate the proximity of your body and the fact that she practically does not have to do anything. You will feel the sexual intensity of the position, but also the availability of charming women's parts.

Morning sex is not demanding, and if you acquire the basics, you both enjoy it.


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