How to solve the problem of impotence

Problem with potency. Thing with which only a few people can admit to their loved ones, let alone to a doctor. If you do not belong among the more courageous, we will provide you with useful information on how to deal with the problem of impotence.

Ako riešiť problémaHow to solve the problem of impotence s impotenciou

What is Impotence?

The basis of the word is from the Latin word impotentia, which means incompetence. In general, we consider impotence as man's inability to intercourse, penis erection and ejaculation. If this happens occasionally, there is o need to worry. As with erectile dysfunction, you also suffer from this disease when it lasts for more than six months.

Causes of Impotence

The causes of impotence are largely based on the subconscious of man. Excessive stress at work, exhaustion, partner issues. However, problems can also be of a non-psychic nature. The effect on potency may have a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, kidney problems, thyroid gland and many others.

The society remains convinced that only older men suffer from impotence. It's not so. Incorrect eating, excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, and sedentary lifestyles are mainly about young men, and therefore threaten impotence. Because it is a delicate matter, they are not going to talk about it for years until it starts to influence their long term relationship.

How to solve problems with impotence?

The most effective way to deal with impotence problems is prevention. This means having a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Enough exercise, healthy food and moderate alcohol consumption.

If you've already missed that train and potential problems have come up, there's only one solution. Visit a doctor. This will determine the clear cause of your problem. If your suspected impotence is confirmed, treatment is available in two ways. Surgical and pharmacological.

In surgery, for example, penile implants are inserted into the male genital organ. Different procedures are used pharmacologically. Testosterone treatment, intravenous treatment or the simplest method, erectile medications and generic erection pills.

There is a wide spectrum available on the market. The most famous is, of course, Viagra. The blue pill, however, is one of the more expensive drugs, and you can spend a a lot of money on long-term use. Fortunately, cheaper alternatives are available on the market in the form of, for example, generic Levitra. These, though cost less, have the same efficiency and quality. It's up to you, which option you choose.


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