3 perfect places for quick sex

You can enjoy quick sex almost anywhere. At home, in a cinema, a dressing room in a shopping mall. With some inconvenience and fear of revelation, you will enjoy more excitement than you would have experienced in your home bed. To get the most out of quickie, we bring you 3 perfect places for quick sex.

Quick sex in the elevator

This is a fairly safe choice. We recommend those who want to practice quick sex in public. The only thing that threatens you in this position is the view of angry people when they leave the elevator cabin. No one is excited from the locked lifts.

The process is simple. Stop the elevator on the mezzanine and take advantage of the sex in the standing position. When you are done, you will resume the elevator operation and continue as if nothing had happened.

Quick sex in the workplace

If you share a job with a partner in a corporation, quick sex has been made for you. Find a place where you could hide for ten minutes. It should be lockable to make sure there is no one walking in on you. If you do not find anything suitable, get inspired from the previous point.

The location you choose will leave it to you. However, it should be based on the specificity of a particular place.

Quick sex in the cinema

The cinema is another ideal setting for a quickie. Buy tickets for the latest row on a movie that does not have much fans. You wait until it gets dark and everyone will be staring at the screen. Then the quickie can start. It is enough if your partner sits on you and you leave her in charge of it all.

There are many other places for quick sex. They are, however, a bit too crazy. Taxi, a fitting room in the shopping center, or even a musical concert. These are also places where people enjoy quickies.

However, it is necessary that both partners are the right exhibitionists. But a man never knows. Maybe you too will have a quick sex and you will love it so much that the lift will not be enough for you.


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