How to handle a quickie?

To spice up sexual life, quickie is the right choice. But if you want to enjoy it with your partner, you have to follow some rules. Choosing the right place, position, foreplay. This is just a few basic points to help you handle a quickie.

The first step on how to handle the quickie is a survey. Start with your partner. Can she be on top over every situation during sex? Is she a little exhibicionist? Can she get aroused quickly? This way we could continue. If you do not know the answers to these and other questions, it will be better to talk to her before you throw yourself up on top of her somewhere in the elevator.

It is also important to understand the female view of sex. The vast majority wants romantic sex coupled with long foreplay. So the partner can reject the idea of a quick sex without hesitation. Then it is time to act. You have to explain to her that this quickie is just to spice up your sex life, and that next time you will do it the way she is used to.

You can handle a quickie almost anywhere

The advantage of a quickie is that you can handle it almost anywhere. If you have a desire for sex, do not worry about finding an ideal place. You will not find it. The next corner will always look darker and safer. The main thing is to have at least a bit of privacy and not to start humping on the bench in the middle of the shopping center.

There is a lot of places for reciprocal satisfaction. Lift, office, cinema, stairs, toilet cabins. It is important that the excitement and taste of forbidden fruit overcome the fear of possible consequences. If you will get caught, they can only envy you. Therefore, do not think about it and succumb to pleasure.

Try quickie at home

A quickie does not necessarily have to do with sex in public. Give it a go at home too. For example, get to the partner while cooking, take a break and test the strength of the kitchen counter.

Correct position for a quickie

Select this by the location where you want to enjoy the quickie. You will usually have to be happy with the standing sex position, but there is nothing wrong with that. But there are also places where you do not have to stand. For example, in the cinema.


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