Does she want romantic sex from you? You will satisfy her with these positions.

Does your half complain about lack of romance during sex? You do not have to worry about that. Just upgrade your love position and see how she will shine with satisfaction. We've selected verified positions for romantic sex which you will both enjoy.

Does she want romantic sex from you? You will get these positions.

If you plan to have sex, do not forget to create the right atmosphere. A glass of wine, lighted candles and a delicious dinner are the basis for romantic sex.

Position in the shower

You can take this position as the beginning of a romantic night. The hot water running down your bodies will get your blood pumping. If you add hands-on touch and passionate kisses, you got your foreplay sorted. Then it is up to you whether you continue in the shower or prefer the comfort of the bed.

If you only have a bath at home, do not mind. Remember this when you are on holiday. You will both appreciate the pleasant extension of your bed games.

Missionary Classic

Perhaps a classic position as missionary sounds boring. However, women have a different opinion. Especially the opportunity to look into the partner's eyes and to kiss him, the gentle sex excites tremendously. If she wants romantic sex from you, the missionary is your best bet.

From behind in another way

The position of the reversed spoon is another great one. It's easy. It works practically anytime. It is good for morning sex, when you are both still sleepy, but even in the evening when you are overcome by fatigue.

Women see this position as very sensitive, romantic and intimate. You will appreciate more intense contact with the partner's body. If you want more, ask her hug you with her legs. Sex becomes more intense.

Position on a chair

The last position is a bit more challenging, but you definitely will not complain. You sit down on a chair and your partner on you. During sex, you will be able to look into your eyes, passionately kiss yourself and touch all over your bodies. If chair is inconvenient, try a couch for example.

Romantic sex should not end with orgasm and just turning your back on your partner. So what to do after sex? Give your half a dose of kisses or let her fall asleep in your arms. You will not regret it.


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