3 Reasons to practise sex at night

Sex belongs to our everyday activities. If we enjoy it at night, we gain several advantages. We have a better quality of sleep, no one distracts us and the sex in public is not as dangerous as it may seem.

Sex at night and good sleep

Sex at night and sleep are closely related. You for sure have days, when you have a head full of worries or you have some ache, and it is difficult for you to fall asleep. Besides, the next day you wake up broken, like you've been drinking all night. Only pills or active sexual life can help you. And the other does not cost you anything.

You will have to overcome yourself somewhat. It is difficult when it comes to stress or pain. Keep in mind, however, the release that occurs during and after sex. After orgasm, several hormones are released into your body to relieve pain and stress. Your sleep will then be perfect.

Nobody disturbs you at night

If you are going to have sex at night, there is only a small chance that someone will disturb you. No phone calls from family or friends, no traffic from the street. You can improve the situation by creating a romantic atmosphere together. Making love suddenly gets another dimension.

Sex at night and space for experiments

However, you can also use darkness to experiment. Do you have a balcony? Use it for activities other than morning coffee. Wait until it gets dark and the surroundings quietens down. Get out and enjoy change, view and excitement. Forget about the fact, that your neighbor will appear on the next balcony or that someone on the street will see you.

You can also try sex in public. Do not go to the pedestrian zone to the middle of the city. There will be people even during the late night. Rather get out of ordinary civilization, where you can enjoy each other and enjoy a view of the night city.


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