Sex at the festival. 4 tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

Half-naked girls, good music, lots of alcohol. In other words, the music festival. Taking the opportunity and enjoying the sex at the festival is almost an obligation. However, you needn't to forget about a few basic rules. Otherwise you can bring home something other than just pleasant memories.

Hygiene above all

Everywhere where is a large number of people, there is a risk of infection. This school lesson doubles at music festivals. Keeping hygiene in improvised festival conditions can be challenging. Fortunately, the current conditions at the festivals are better than in the past.

Therefore, if you are planning sex at a festival with your half or a random unknown, pay extra attention to your hygiene. When you do not stink, you will feel better and your lover will appreciate this as well.

Do not forget to protect yourself

Sex at the festival also requires proper protection. Especially if you want to spend the night with some unknown girl. In addition to memories of unbound night entertainment, you could also have a sexually transmitted disease. And you probably do not want to risk it.

Therefore, do not forget to pack up preservatives when packing for the festival. If you have forgotten, look for a stand where condoms are handed out or borrow them from a smarter friend.

Comfort at the festival

When having your first sex at the festival, you have to understand that you will not enjoy the comfort. Whether you want to be in the tent, the athlete behind the tree or the car, get ready for the inconvenience. But comfort is not the priority at the festival. Missionary position in the soft bed can be enjoyed any time. For sex at the festival, it's about unrest, excitement, and trying new things.

Follow the rules

Even though the music festival appears to be a place where people are engaged in unbounded entertainment, it has its own rules. Remember that if you want to have sex at a festival with your partner. Make sure you do not try it out in public and rather stay in the tent. Otherwise, the music festival may end prematurely for you.


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