Sex in a car is not just for the young

Men see sex in the car, like a young man's fun. With nostalgia they remember the moments when they did not have a place to spend intimate moments with a girlfriend. So they borrowed a car from their parents and went to the parking lot. Sex in a car may not be just for the young. On the contrary, it can help you with a long-term relationship when a stereotype occurs in bed.

Sex in a car is not just for the young

Sex in the car cost something. You both seem to have become accustomed to a comfortable bed. You have lot of space in it, there is nothing pressing into your body and you do not have to worry about getting caught. Just recall the old times. In the case of sex on four wheels, you will experience quite the opposite. But everything can be done if you choose the right position.

Sex in a car and belts

You can test this position as a foreplay. Use seat belts in the rear seat. Either tie your partner or change roles. Then you will take advantage of her vulnerability and pay attention to her as needed.

Sex in a car and entertainment in the front seat

Position is easy. You sit on the passenger seat. Your partner will sit on your lap and the ride can start. It is a proven and relatively comfortable position. Your half will appreciate the proximity of bodies. You will enjoy the view of her breasts that will be at your reach.

Sex in a car and ride from the back

Fold the front passenger's seat forward as far as possible. On the folded seat, your partner will lie down on her belly. You come from behind and then you should already know what to do. The second option is to use the rear seats. The partner gets on all four and you enter her from behind.

Sex in a car with manual work

If you can not find the right position, because something still bothers you, leave it on your hands. Sit on the rear seats and make each other come with your hands. It's not perfect, but it's always better than returning home unsatisfied.


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