Sex in marriage should not be underestimated

Sex in marriage is important. Some compare it to the cooking seasoning. It is possible to eat the food without it, but it is not really tasty. And so it is with sex. You can survive without it, but you can feel, that there is something missing from your partner life. Therefore, let's look at why the importance of sex in marriage should not be underestimated and, above all, what can be done.

Sex in marriage should not be underestimated

Do you remember the beginning of the relationship with your current partner? You were looking forward to see each other. You only had time for you two. The relationship evolved. There was enjgagement, followed by a wedding and a common life under one roof.

Sex in the first years of marriage

Your sexual life worked as a greased machine. You had sex several times a day. Shared living meant you could enjoy sex games almost anytime. You brought new ideas to bed that you tested at the time you were not together. Under the spell of the marriage they were like a breath of fresh air. That's how the first months and years passed.

When sex in marriage becomes a stereotype

Gradually, in long term relationship things changed. Career, kids, sometimes a fight came. You suddenly had less time to spend together. You only made love when it was a good time. It was no longer the sexual satisfaction of the partner but the fulfillment of the marital duties. Moreover, in bed it was beginning to be the same old story. There was a stereotype.

To have sex in marriage as it was in the beginning

If you want your married sexual life to be as it was in the the beginning, you need look at yourself. First of all, you need to talk about this delicate topic. Then create an action plan that will try to restart your active sexual life.

Here are some tips:

  • Give your partner more attention - at the beginning of your marriage, you have been more alert to your half. More tender. Try to remember. Holding the door, getting some attention or falling asleep while hugging can help to return your sexual life to the original track.
  • Find time for yourself - even if you have work overload, try to find more time for each other. Send children to grand parents and make a trip into places that are related to your relationship. Or for a wellness stay. The relaxed body and soul are the foundation for romantic atmosphere moments.
  • Spice up sex in marriage - stereotype kills. So, if you're going to make love, try to mix it up ittle bit this time. It is time to discard the barriers. In addition to new locations, you can also try different sexual toys or high quality prescription sex pills to help you both enjoy sex.

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