Sex in public is appealing, but for these reasons you do not even try it

A long-term relationship carries the risk of a stereotype in the bed. That's why the partners are looking for something to diversify their bedtime pleasures. One of such ideas is sex in the public. But if you are not a full exibitionist, try not to try out the house. You avoid disappointing expectations, unpleasant situations or even fines.

Sex in public is appealing, but for these reasons you do not even try it

You do not even realize it, but you may have already had sex in public. It was in puberty when you had a girl, but not a place where you could spend the night together. So you had sex in a car you borrowed from your father. Yes, even this was sex in public.

What does sex in public mean

Sex in the public means sexual intercourse at a place that is publicly available. This is a location that many people have access to. So, all parks, meadows, cinemas, and car parks. It may even be a place where the public may not have access but can see or hear from it (car or shop cabinets).

From the legal point of view, it is a criminal offense. You can get a fine of up to € 33. If you are to crazy with it, you may even be imprisoned for 3 years. Well, you would have to have sex in a publicly accessible place where many people (including children) are staying, be completely naked, and they would have to prove your intention.

Why it's better to get sex in public out of your mind?

Sex in public can look tempting. For example, a summer night somewhere by the sea. Only you and your partner. Instead of romantic sex, you still think about whether or not you will get caught. The partner is nervous because she has sand everywhere, including sensitive places.

We would find more similar unfortunate combinations. It does not matter whether you choose a shopping booth, a blossoming meadow or a car, in practice you will find that sex in the public is more suited to movies than to real life.

Improve yourself and your sex in public

If you're looking for a change that would bring change to your shared moments in bed, you have a lot of options. Try out, for example, sex on gymball. Alternatively, you can try generic erection pills to improve your sex life. They will help you with a few hours of erection so you do not have to end the game after the first round.


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