Making love in water has its own rules. Do you know them?

Sex in water looks immensely romantic. The hot water not only cleanses you, but also makes you nicely comfort you. When you add touching and kisses, you are for sure in for a fun time. For sex in water to remain an exciting moment, the basic rules must be observed.

Making love in water has its own rules. Do you know them?

Hygiene as a foreplay

Sex in water gives you the perfect opportunity for foreplay. Just take a shower gel and slowly spread it over your partner's body. Visit every single place on her body and you will see how her excitement grows. Then you can swap roles and let your half to take care of you.

Don't forget to lubricate

Love in water has its pros and cons. One of those negatives is the need for a lubricating gel. During sex, woman's secretion is washed away by water, so you will find out after a while that you are running out dry. It would not only harm your partner but also you. Therefore, if you are planning to love with your loved one in the water, secure yourself with a lubricant. Best are the ones on a silicone base.

Protection is important

Even with condom is not funny. During sex in the water there is a risk of skidding. Or after a while he will lose his lubricated layer. Therefore, prefer a shower rather than a bath. Set the shower head so that water splashes on you, but does not get on your intimate parts. Like this you will be able enjoy sex in the water to fully.

Choose the right place

Even choosing the right place will affect the quality of sex in the water. The shower or bathtub is ideal. You have privacy and if you turn off your cell phone, no one will disturb you. At the same time, you know that there are no bacteria in the water that could cause you or your partner an unpleasant illness or infection.

Going outside your own bathroom can be tempting. Swimming pool, lake, river. If you choose any of the sites, you will have sex in public. You risk not only a fine, but, in particular, that you will not enjoy your common pleasures at all.


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