Sex on a gym ball. Fun, exercise, enjoyment.

Sex on a gym ball may sound foolish. However, you should consider it. The use of the gym ball during intercourse will spice up your sexual life. Your partner will be easier to convince if you tell her that they are burning extra calories and especially that you enjoy unforgettable moments together.

Sex on a gym ball. Fun, exercise, enjoyment.

Right off the bat, let's admit that sex on a gym ball is more demanding than say a missionary. However, you don't need to be scared of it. It is easier for your partner to convince them if you mention that after a 15 minutes of sex on a gym ball, they have burned more calories then if they work out for an hour in a gym.

Sex on a gym ball also requires partners to be already a little bit synced, so if you're just starting out, rather choose romantic sexual positions for romantic sex. Then, when you get accustomed to each other a bit, nothing prevents you from embarking on such experiments.

Would you like to have sex on gymball? Choose the right position

The main advantage of a gym ball is that it adapts to your body. She is soft enough and can jump well. These are the features that the basic position comes from. You sit on the ball. Your partner will sit on you so you can see her back. She will place her hands on your knees, begin to jump and you can both begin to indulge in a passionate adventure.

The sex on the gym ball gives a different dimension even to a traditional position as doggie style. Your partner is lying down on your gym ball and you come in from behind. With gym ball springing, it will help you with thrusting and you will both enjoy unforgettable moments.

Sex on gym ball - exercise and fun

Sex on gym ball brings a lot of fun and exciting moments. In addition, you get a proper workout too. During sexgames on the gym ball, you use multiple muscles. They will help you to have a bigger orgasm.

Yet another positive thing, you also train the inner muscles that are important for proper body posture. So if you are sitting all day in the office, sex on the gym ball is the best prevention against the aching back.


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