Sex with an ex or why (not) resist the temptation....

If you have the opportunity to have sex with an ex, definitely go for it. Especially if it worked in bed. You gain a sex partner from whom you know what to expect, and above all, you do not have to hunt at bars and play a Russian roulette with sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, however, be careful. Sex with an ex may change quickly.

Sex with the former or why (not) resist temptation....

Even though you've been separated for long time, you occasionally remember the moment in bed. Nothing uncommon. According to research, nine out of ten men dream about sex with an ex. Women are even better. Every fourth of them have sex with their ex.

Sex with an ex is a safe bet

During your long-term relationship you got to know your ex quite well. You knew exactly what the other one liked and what better to avoid. The same was true in bed. The first nights might have been shy, but when you get in synch, you did not know how to compliment the other's abilities. So why not come back to it?

The main advantage is that you do not have to worry about bad sex. On the contrary. The combination of your synch, mutual separation and tremendous excitement can make you enjoy the best sex in your life.

Another positive thing about sex with and ex is that you are not reliant on hunting by chance. This reduces your chance of getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex with the former has its own risks

In the beginning, we mentioned that if you have the chance to have sex with an ex, go ahead. We still insist on it. However, care must be taken not to open up old wounds while spending time together.

This is especially true of situations where you are meeting up regularly for longer period of time.. Sooner or later, one of the partners will start to see it differently. Returning to reality can then be cruel and can not lead to depression.

Sex with the former has its advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to try or let go of this idea.


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