Sexual abstinence? This way you get rid of it.

Sexual abstinence will sooner or later appear in every relationship. The best prevention is experimentation in bed. Standing sex position, in public or in the car. It is important not to fall into the stereotype. If you did not prevent the problem before it occurred, don't be discouraged. There is still something you can do with sexual abstinence.

Sexual abstinence is the result of many factors. Increase in duties, more work-related stress, or lack of time to build a relationship. All this negatively affects our sexual apetite. It is time to do something about it. Because the later you will try to handle it the harder it will be. And active sexual life brings also many benefits.

How to fight sexual abstinence

The first important step to overcome sexual abstinence is to talk to your partner. In the conversation you need to discuss everything. Find out how she looks at the problem, and whether she feels it even is a problem. Even such a simple chat can help you overcome sexual abstinence.

Find time for yourself

One of the reasons why sexual abstinence happens at all is lack of time to build a relationship. You both spend hours at work, have your own hobbies, and only see each other when you wake up or go to bed. The weekends are filled with plans for months ahead. Stop. It's time to cut down and create time for building a relationship.

You can get started easily. You both limit one of your hobbies. Or cancel one of your planned weekend activities. Prefer to do something together. You do not have to go to a wellness in the mountains. Just go for a walk hand in hand. Or go to the place where you were first on a date. Add a good dinner to that, and you just took are of the foreplay.

Sex has to be worth it

If you're finally going to make love, do not get ahead of yourself. You should try more than ever before. Sexual abstinence is often caused by men's weak performance in bed. That's why you should really take care. From the creation of a romantic atmosphere, through foreplay to sex itself. If you're not sure or have erectile dysfunction, you can try some generic Kamagra.

The lack of sex does not kill you, but it negatively affects your health as well as the relationship itself. Making love is often referred to as a relationship's salt. And as our fairy tales teach us, salt has more value than gold.


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