Sexual games will kill boredom in bed

Even the greatest passion in the bed will cool down in time. You can prevent it. You need to experiment a bit. Try sex in public, in a car or in a fitball. Are you not open to such ideas? Never mind. Try at least sex games.

Sex games are a great choice if you want a change in bed. We have selected a few tested ones. But there is a lot of them and you can even create your own. It all depends on you.

Card Sex Games

One of the most popular sex games is the card game. The process is simple. Choose your favorite card game and play. The one who loses will take off one piece of clothing. The one who is naked first loses the game. And when you're both wearing very little, you can continue to foreplay.

Truth or dare?

You probably played this game as a child. In the adult version, however, it takes on completely different turn. When setting the tasks, let your sexual fantasy roam free. You can enjoy performances that you would not otherwise have experienced. But be careful. A badly asked question can tell you more about your partner than you would like.

Sexual games with a dice

The rules of the game are not specified. Simply, each partner writes numbers from one to six on his paper. For each digit, it assigns some activity, such as kissing, massage or oral. Then you take turns in rolling the dice and performing the tasks.

Sexual games with a scarf

If you do not like playing cards or dice, try a sex game with a scarf. Cover your partner's eyes and take care of the proper theater. Your half will not know what's going to happen. Where you touch her at the moment or where you kiss her. That will arouse a women to the point where it will be unbearable. The second time you can swap the roles and let your partner, bring you to the ecstasy.


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