Does she have a little breast? Not a problem.

Female breasts. We like to look at them, play with them and lots of other things. In order to take our interest, however, they do not have to reach the size of a mountain range. Even small breasts have their advantages.

Small breasts do not need a bra

The smaller the breasts, the greater the chances of the girl coming out without a bra. Its absence is appreciated especially in the summer. At that time a weaker breeze is enough and you can instantly see her nipples under her t-shirt. This is rare for women with a larger bust.

Small breasts are more resistant to gravity

Unfortunately for both men and women, the breasts will not remain firm and resilient forever. Increasing age, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Eternal enemies of our object of desire. The larger breast woman has, the sooner her bust will be subject to the law of gravity. Woman with small breasts is saved from this process for a long time.

Small breasts are less noticeable

Small breasts will be appreciated especially at first encounters with a potential partner. Then it just does not matter if he still looks at her chest. Although women may like it, much or everything can be harmful. From a lush bust with a large neckline, however, the eyes are hard to rise, and therefore in this direction small breasts are advantage.

Small breasts are more practical with sex

Sex with woman with big boobs is the dream of a man. But only until you try it on your own skin. The more experienced know, what a problem it is to deal with big breasts. They do not fall into their hands, they are constantly running, and to use your tongue on them is heroic achievement.

Small boobs are often considered to be more problematic than they really are. We men look at the woman as a whole. We notice that the boobs is less well-nourished, but it mostly overlaps with other advantages. That's why we prefer to focus on them. We know, that even we are not perfect.


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