Do you have a small penis? This will best satisfy your partner.

If you do not belong among the more endowed men, you do not have to despair. In order to satisfy your partner, you do not need to have a twenty centimeter cannon. Vice versa. Even a small penis can serve. But you have to know how to use it correctly and choose the right sexual positions. Here are a few tips to satisfy your partner even if you have a small penis.

Do you have a small penis? This will best satisfy your partner.

If you have a small penis, foreplay is especially important for you. You need to get your woman aroused enough before getting into her, because you probably will not be able to stimulate her properly. Therefore, do not underestimate and devote her enough time. Fantasies are not set. It's up to you, whether you're use a touch, a kiss or a combination of both.

You can also help with a good massage that relaxes your partner and brings you into the right mood. The romantic atmosphere also improves the glass of wine, or alhtough cliché, but still effective, lighted candles and romantic music.

Small penis? Right position will correct it

Removing the disadvantages of a small penis can correctly chosen position. For example, such a missionary is the ideal solution for those who have a small penis. Ideally, if your partner is lying on your back, you will raise her legs upwards, or lift them up to the V-shape. This will allow you maximum penetration.

The second proven position is the dog. Simply classic. A woman kneels on four, and you come in from behind. With the right technique of thrusting, you will be satisfied with it too. If you want to make it a little more romantic, try the lazy version. Your partner lies on her stomach and you on top of her. She slightly spread her legs so you can get in. This position is very romantic and is a favorite female position.

Be careful, however, that you do not lose your partner under your weight. Suddenly she will think of things other than sex with you. A simple solution to not concealing your half is if you transfer the weight of your body to the forearms. It's less convenient, but the advantage is that you are also strengthening at the same time.


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