Do you want to change in bed? Try a standing sex position.

Even the to the most passionate lover sex in bed sooner or later becomes boring. Then is the time to change. One possible solution is to try a standing sex position. Although it sounds complicated, no acrobatic positions should be needed. The correct position will solve everything for you.

Do you want to change in bed? Try a standing sex position.

The standing sex position is not as demanding as it may seem. It can even be very passionate and sensational. The ladies will appreciate that they will burn more calories when they do so than if they were lying on the bed.

Sex while standing and height difference

One of the easiest positions of the sex while standing is classically from behind. The important part is for a partner to rest on a fixed surface such as a wall. Partner can thrust without fear that his half will run somewhere.

The disadvantage of such a position is the height difference between the partners. If it's more than 20 cm, they won't enjoy this position much. While a partner can stand on tiptoes, she will unlikely scream from pleasure. Better solution in this case can be stairs.

Standing sex and a desk

This position is as cut out of the film. The two lovers sweep everything off the table and throw themselves on each other. The sex position also brings such opportunities. It's easy. The partner can either sit or lay down on the table, spread her legs, and her lover enters her. While doing so, he can passionately kiss her or play with her breasts.

It is important to find the right place for the partner so he can reach easily and does not need to to crunch. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose only a work desk. Let your fantasy roam free.

Challenging standing sex

The last position is from the category of those difficult ones. It is recommended only for experienced and physically fit couples. Partner pulls his half into the air with his hands. She wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. The rest is on the man. He has a free field of action and can fully show what he is capable of.

The disadvantage is the difficulty. Maintaining balance and especially holding the partner can be a hard work. It is not easy to enjoy this fully.


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