Casual sex

At this time, we do not have to rely solely on sex with our own partner and vice versa. Time gives us plenty of opportunities to enjoy casual sex. Sometimes just go to the bar and date a lady. Or take advantage of the situation at the music festival or reach out to your ex.


Sex at the festival. 4 tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

Half-naked girls, good music, lots of alcohol. In other words, the music festival. Taking the opportunity and enjoying the sex at the festival is almost an obligation. However, you needn't to forget about a few basic rules. Otherwise you can bring home something other than just pleasant memories.

3 perfect places for quick sex

You can enjoy quick sex almost anywhere. At home, in a cinema, a dressing room in a shopping mall. With some inconvenience and fear of revelation, you will enjoy more excitement than you would have experienced in your home bed. To get the most out of quickie, we bring you 3 perfect places for quick sex.

How to handle a quickie?

To spice up sexual life, quickie is the right choice. But if you want to enjoy it with your partner, you have to follow some rules. Choosing the right place, position, foreplay. This is just a few basic points to help you handle a quickie.

Sex in a car is not just for the young

Men see sex in the car, like a young man's fun. With nostalgia they remember the moments when they did not have a place to spend intimate moments with a girlfriend. So they borrowed a car from their parents and went to the parking lot. Sex in a car may not be just for the young. On the contrary, it can help you with a long-term relationship when a stereotype occurs in bed.

Sex in public is appealing, but for these reasons you do not even try it

A long-term relationship carries the risk of a stereotype in the bed. That's why the partners are looking for something to diversify their bedtime pleasures. One of such ideas is sex in the public. But if you are not a full exibitionist, try not to try out the house. You avoid disappointing expectations, unpleasant situations or even fines.

A lasting relationship is better than one night stand friends. Here are the main benefits.

Long term relationship. For some of us, it may seem like a nightmare. Because there are so many women in the world whom would be worth getting to know. Things are different, however. Having a long term relationship with onepartner has more advantages than you think.

Sex with an ex or why (not) resist the temptation....

If you have the opportunity to have sex with an ex, definitely go for it. Especially if it worked in bed. You gain a sex partner from whom you know what to expect, and above all, you do not have to hunt at bars and play a Russian roulette with sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, however, be careful. Sex with an ex may change quickly.