Sex and love

Sex is an important part of the relationship. Intimate coexistence of partners strengthens the relationship and improves its function. Without quality sex, the relationship can not last long. That is why we need to work together in this area and make sure that both partners with an active sex life are happy.


Why make love tonight

A pleasant evening can be spent in different ways. In a theater, a cinema or a home with a glass of wine and a good book. You can also use it differently. For example with sex. We have prepared several reasons why to make love tonight.

Foreplay is the basis for quality sex

Foreplay. An activity that we probably least like in sex. But women can not imagine making love without it. All the touching and kisses for them form the basis for quality sex. That's why you should spend a lot of time in the common bed games. Your partner will reward you in the next step.

Sexual games will kill boredom in bed

Even the greatest passion in the bed will cool down in time. You can prevent it. You need to experiment a bit. Try sex in public, in a car or in a fitball. Are you not open to such ideas? Never mind. Try at least sex games.

Want to have more sex? Try these moves.

Want to have more sex? Does it annoy you, that you don't have sex with your partner as often as before? Do not give up and change it. How the usual conversation, dish washing or a little experimentation will help you with this will be explained in this article.

3 Reasons to practise sex at night

Sex belongs to our everyday activities. If we enjoy it at night, we gain several advantages. We have a better quality of sleep, no one distracts us and the sex in public is not as dangerous as it may seem.

Choose the right position for the first sex and she will fall to your feet

While dating, first sex is an important step. You can handle all the pitfalls of the yard, if you break your premiere in bed, no repairs can be done. One way to avoid this situation is to choose the right position.

Sexual abstinence? This way you get rid of it.

Sexual abstinence will sooner or later appear in every relationship. The best prevention is experimentation in bed. Standing sex position, in public or in the car. It is important not to fall into the stereotype. If you did not prevent the problem before it occurred, don't be discouraged. There is still something you can do with sexual abstinence.

Thursday is the best day for sex

The quality of our sex life has many factors. Lifestyle, stress at work, satisfaction in relationship. But who would have thought it was days of the week? London scientists have been able to find out that Thursday is the best day for sex.

Sex facts you did not know

Interesting facts about sex. Obviously, you will not impress the family at a common lunch, nor you will talk about them in society. However, these findings are not completely worthless. They will help you better understand sex and become a better lover. Here are the most important sex facts.

How to enjoy morning sex?

Morning getting up may not always be unpleasant. Especially if you use the time in bed for early sex. The procedure is simple. Just snuggle to your partner, wake her up by kissing and touching. Then completely enjoy the union of the two bodies. Early sex will spice up your sex life.

How to start a foreplay she will not forget?

The importance of a foreplay is perhaps known by everyone. Just a few nice moves and a tired partner transforms to a hottie. The more experienced know exactly what to do to properly tune their half. For those less well-known, here's an article on how to start a foreplay that she will not forget.

Do you want to change in bed? Try a standing sex position.

Even the to the most passionate lover sex in bed sooner or later becomes boring. Then is the time to change. One possible solution is to try a standing sex position. Although it sounds complicated, no acrobatic positions should be needed. The correct position will solve everything for you.

Create a romantic atmosphere. Here are some tips.

Romantic atmosphere is a classic especially on Valentine's Day. But then every woman awaits her a little. That's why you should find the soul of romantic in the course of the year. You will please your partner and will make your sex life more enjoyable. It's more complicated to do, but we've prepared some tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere.

Making love in water has its own rules. Do you know them?

Sex in water looks immensely romantic. The hot water not only cleanses you, but also makes you nicely comfort you. When you add touching and kisses, you are for sure in for a fun time. For sex in water to remain an exciting moment, the basic rules must be observed.

Were you blessed with a large penis?

Which man would not want a bigger penis? Only the one who already has it. Sometimes a woman longs for a partner with large penis, but only until she tries to have sex with him. A large penis has several disadvantages. Let's look at what they are.

How to tighten a relationship or what to do after sex

Do you know the embarrassment when you do not know what to do after sex? Your partner would rather be cuddling you, you would have a beer or just fell asleep. The common moments after sex are very important for a harmonious relationship and you do not need to underestimate them. If you want to know what to do after sex, this article is great for you.

How to arouse a woman? Touch it in these places.

Do you want to enjoy a moment with a partner, but can not get her into the mood? There's nothing easier. Just focus on the right places on her body and you will get in bed before you think. And no, we do not mean just the ones you usually do.

Sex on a gym ball. Fun, exercise, enjoyment.

Sex on a gym ball may sound foolish. However, you should consider it. The use of the gym ball during intercourse will spice up your sexual life. Your partner will be easier to convince if you tell her that they are burning extra calories and especially that you enjoy unforgettable moments together.

Do you have a small penis? This will best satisfy your partner.

If you do not belong among the more endowed men, you do not have to despair. In order to satisfy your partner, you do not need to have a twenty centimeter cannon. Vice versa. Even a small penis can serve. But you have to know how to use it correctly and choose the right sexual positions. Here are a few tips to satisfy your partner even if you have a small penis.

Sex in marriage should not be underestimated

Sex in marriage is important. Some compare it to the cooking seasoning. It is possible to eat the food without it, but it is not really tasty. And so it is with sex. You can survive without it, but you can feel, that there is something missing from your partner life. Therefore, let's look at why the importance of sex in marriage should not be underestimated and, above all, what can be done.

Does she want romantic sex from you? You will satisfy her with these positions.

Does your half complain about lack of romance during sex? You do not have to worry about that. Just upgrade your love position and see how she will shine with satisfaction. We've selected verified positions for romantic sex which you will both enjoy.

Masturbation - Does it harm or benefit?

Masturbation. Does it harm or benefit? A hundred years ago, the answer would have been unambiguous. Harms. According to the preconceptions back hen, the one who masturbated, for example, could go blind. Or wake up with hairy palms. Time has changed and today doctors agree on the beneficial effects of masturbation. Here are some of them.

4 reasons for active sexual life

Sex is considered fun. Distraction. Time pleasantly spent with a partner. But did you know that it also has a number of positive effects on your health? Here are 4 reasons for active sex life.

How to achieve good sex? Science gives a helping hand.

Quality sex maintains a balanced relationship. Both partners benefit from it both mentally and physically. Occasionally, however sex is not as envisioned. Then is the time to change. Of course you do not need to immediately knock on the door of the marital counselor or urologist. You can help yourself with the quality of sex.

Do you want to lead an active sex life? Stop taking Ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen. A magic pill that quickly relieves you of pain. If you take it from time to time when your head hurts, everything is all right. However, long-term use of Ibuprofen has a negative impact on your health and active sex life.

When will you get the best sex? The British survey has produced surprising results.

Have you ever wondered when you will experience the best sex? You may be thinking about a pubertal period when you start with active sex life and everything is new. Or before you hit the thirties, when you are more experienced and you know better than that. Recent research, however, came with another claim.

These five characters will tell, you are not good in bed

How am I in bed? The question that comes from time to time out of subconscious to the surface. We do not want to find the answer. Or we will surely answer it that we are the best one. However a true look at this question can help you improve your relationship with your partner. So read 4 characters that tell you that you are not good in bed.