Women and sex

Satisfying a woman should be the goal of every man. In most cases it depends on whether sex is self-sufficient or that coercive means will be needed. It is not easy to satisfy a woman. Fortunately for us, this is not an unattainable goal. It wants a certain amount of experience and good technique.


What are the ideas of women about sex? You may have been unaware of this.

Experienced men have been able to find out what women's ideas about sex are. Maybe they were not afraid to ask their partner. If they were lucky, they were entrusted with them. Or they played Sherlock Holmes and their sexual desire was scrutinized by research. You can skip the two steps. We have looked at what are the ideas of women about sex.

Why do women pretend to orgasm?

Why do women pretend to orgasm? Apparently, only a few men pause to reflect on this. Because it's totally illogical. And for us also unimaginable. It's like going out for dinner and leaving after starter. However, women have their reasons. Here are the most important of them.

Female orgasm. These are the facts you did not know about it.

Female orgasm. Every woman longs after him, and hopefully every guy wants her to have it. Although the doctors have been studying it for decades, it is still full of secrets. We have a few facts for you that you probably did not know about a female orgasm.

What women hate in bed? These things.

Have you ever been thinking about what women do not like in bed? If not, you should. You could avoid such unpleasant situations that turns even the best lover into a useless no one. Skipping the foreplay, being selfish in bed or passivity. These are just some of the things women hate in bed.

What do women long for in their sexual dreams?

What do women long for in their sexual dreams? For their partner? For the opposite sex? Or even something completely different? Answers to these questions may surprise you. But, judge yourself.

How to help woman reach orgasm

Orgasm. While it is practically an obvious thing for men, it is more complicated with women. That is why many men in the relationship gradually begin to focus more on themselves and their own satisfaction. And this is the beginning of the end of an active sex life of partners. That's why we've made some valuable tips on how to help woman reach orgasm.

Does she have a little breast? Not a problem.

Female breasts. We like to look at them, play with them and lots of other things. In order to take our interest, however, they do not have to reach the size of a mountain range. Even small breasts have their advantages.

5 practical tips on how to satisfy a woman

Satisfied woman, happy life. You certainly have heard this truth. So, if you want to have peace after you come home from work, you need to focus on your partner. We have prepared 5 practical tips on how to satisfy a woman.