Thursday is the best day for sex

The quality of our sex life has many factors. Lifestyle, stress at work, satisfaction in relationship. But who would have thought it was days of the week? London scientists have been able to find out that Thursday is the best day for sex.

Thursday is the best day for sex

London researchers have focused on human biorhythm. It affects the actions in our body, shows us when we should do what and also when the best day for sex is.


The beginning of the week is hectic. People still have a weekend althought only in their head, so there is no wonder the stress level is high. We should avoid the stressful activities. In stressful work, though, we must, but at home we should rest. Yes, even sex is one of the ways to relax.


On Tuesday, we are running right and full of energy. Concentration reaches the maximum, as the body has once again become accustomed to work deployment. That's why we have the best performances of the week. On this day, we should tackle the most difficult tasks.


In the middle of the week our top performances continue. We can handle all the physical and mental traps of working life. Wednesday is also good time to ask the boss to increase salary. On this day, they are most willing.


Thursday is the best day for sex. The week begins to crack more towards the weekend and our body is full of stress hormones. Therefore, it is important to relax properly. One of the possible forms of relaxation is active sexual life.


Friday is probably the most demanding day. Before noon we can still do something, but after noon, all we do is watch the clock and try to move them towards the hour that means it's a weekend just by our stares. It's quite common for the tiredness from the whole week to kick in on Friday, so we basically do not want to do anything.


The weekend is the space to relax and recharge our energy for the new week. If you're sitting behind your computer whole week, it's time to move your body. You can choose to go hiking or go somewhere for the weekend. In the evenings you can enjoy intimate moments with your partner.


Sunday should be lazy. You should spend it in bed with your half, watch a movie or read a book.


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