What do women long for in their sexual dreams?

What do women long for in their sexual dreams? For their partner? For the opposite sex? Or even something completely different? Answers to these questions may surprise you. But, judge yourself.

What do women long for in their sexual dreams?

Women want sex with a mysterious stranger

An unknown, preferably wealthy, good-looking man chooses a woman in the bar that he would never choose in real life. Then he takes her to the hotel room and they spend an unforgettable night full of sexual orgies together. It's a well known cliché.

However, it is one of the most common ideas that women desire in their sexual dreams.

Women are fond of group sex

We share this idea with women. For example, many men dream about sex orgies with a lot of women. While we are attracted by the number of women we can get, the women envision the whole thing a little differently. They are especially attracted by the idea of countless orgasms.

In common intercourse, they have to wait a couple minutes, while in group sex, another sex partner is ready to continue where the previous one has ended.

Women are dreaming of sex with a celebrity

Even in this case, it is similar to us. Even we dream of how a movie actress will be all over us. Women look at this differently. They want to try out how it feels to make love to a successful guy who could have any one choose.

It motivates them, in particular, their own ego. Every woman wants to be admired, she wants to be the center of attention, and if she choose a celebrity man, she just happens to be the center of the universe.

Women want sex with another woman

Yes you read correctly. But that is not surprising. Every woman is a bit bisexual. Just ask your partner whether she's been trying to kiss her first friend the very first time she tried kissing. Similar to sex. Who can do better than satisfy a woman, like another woman? And that's what they really attracted to.

A person who knows exactly where to point his or her touch and kisses. A person who knows exactly what to do while making love.


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