How to tighten a relationship or what to do after sex

Do you know the embarrassment when you do not know what to do after sex? Your partner would rather be cuddling you, you would have a beer or just fell asleep. The common moments after sex are very important for a harmonious relationship and you do not need to underestimate them. If you want to know what to do after sex, this article is great for you.

How to tighten a relationship or what to do after sex

Men and women are two different worlds. We perceive the things around us in a different way, and we look also look differently at intercourse. Therefore, to the question of what to do after sex, the gentle sex has completely different ideas than we do.

What to do after sex?

Shortly after making love your beloved partner does not want you to stand up and go to the shower. She also does not want you to get a beer or turn to the other side and fall asleep. Such behavior could be misinterpreted. You are disgusted by her sweat, you are bored, or you have nothing to say. Therefore, remember that everything you do can be used against you.

What the partner desires is romance and romantic atmosphere. You can start with the classic signs of love. You've got nothing to lose by saying words like how I love you, I am in love with you. Do not forget to touch. Shortly after her orgasm, the female body is awake and sensitive more than ever before. Therefore, touch it all over, as with the foreplay. If you add passionate kisses to this, you will take care of unforgettable after play.

Slowly let the passionate moments sink and finally ask your partner to snuggled to you. Especially if she is a romantic soul (which almost every woman is) she will shine with happiness. You do not do such things just her, but also for yourself. Scientific studies have proven that the time spent right after sex deepens intimacy and helps build a long term relationship.

So if you care about your relationship, take the time to make the moments after sex also special. Do not think of yourself, but especially of your partner.


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