What women hate in bed? These things.

Have you ever been thinking about what women do not like in bed? If not, you should. You could avoid such unpleasant situations that turns even the best lover into a useless no one. Skipping the foreplay, being selfish in bed or passivity. These are just some of the things women hate in bed.

What women hate in bed? These things.

Skipped foreplay

Foreplay is an activity that we skip, mostly in the later stages of the long term relationship. We already wrote about the fact that it's a loss for both partners (Foreplay is the basis of quality sex). Skipping the foreplay is exactly one of the things women hate in bed. It is important to them both physically and mentally. Therefore, if you want to be a lover who will always have a place in her bed, do not leave out the foreplay.


Do you finish the foreplay and think you're done? You're wrong. To lie on the bed as a piece of wood and wait for the partner to do all the work for you is naive. If you want to have sex with her whenever you ask, be a master in bed. Of course within a certain limits, but there is no justification for passivity during sex.


Even greater mistake than passivity is selfishness. You are promising her the world after you will be satisfied. But then fatigue hits you and your partner is pushed to the second track. You are too lazy to give her what she deserves. With such an approach, however, you can be sure that your active sex life will gradually disappear.

When the man does not finish what he started

If you belong to the lucky ones who can satisfy their partner, pay attention. Female orgasm can last a few minutes. So do not miss the chance to get your partner in the seventh heaven. Therefore, do not stop at her climax, but continue what works so well. If you cease, you are doing one of the things women hate in bed.


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