Why make love tonight

A pleasant evening can be spent in different ways. In a theater, a cinema or a home with a glass of wine and a good book. You can also use it differently. For example with sex. We have prepared several reasons why to make love tonight.

Why make love tonight

You will strengthen the immune system

One reason why to make love tonight, especially sex at nighttime, is the fact that sex strengthens the immune system. During the intercourse, various hormones are washed into the bloodstream to help resist various viral diseases. In addition, they also contribute to reducing the level of stress that is the cause of many civilization diseases.

You will practice

During sex, the hearth is has to work harder, making all your internal organs and limbs better oxygenated. At the same time, you also engage different muscles, which are most likely quite flabbby at the end of the day after sitting all day by copmuter. By making love, you will prevent the back pain and the stiff neck.

Ladies are going to be delighted by the fact that sex is one of the most pleasant forms of exercise. According to scientists, during the half-hour intercourse, you can burn something between 85 and 250 calories. Loving is also an important activity in the prevention of prostate cancer.

As another benefits of sex, we can't forget to mention sweating. The fact, that we are sweating is also very beneficial for our health. The harmful substances are eliminated from the body and the risk of skin eczema decreases.

You will strenghten your relationship

Another reason to make love tonight is to strenghten the relationship. Regular sex increases the level of oxytocin. This hormone contributes to increased intimacy. So all those holding hands, kisses or warm hugs. And many scientific research has confirmed that such intimities are important in building and maintaining a long-term relationship.

You'll be wiser

Scientists have also come to the conclusion that people who have regular sex are smarter. It may be caused by better oxygenation of the brain as well as a lower level of stress hormone in the blood. So if you care about your intelligence, you have another reason to make love tonight.


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