Why do women pretend to orgasm?

Why do women pretend to orgasm? Apparently, only a few men pause to reflect on this. Because it's totally illogical. And for us also unimaginable. It's like going out for dinner and leaving after starter. However, women have their reasons. Here are the most important of them.

Why do women pretend to orgasm?

Peace in relationship above all

You will know this basic rule. You have your own plans for the weekend when your half comes and will change them. Instead of quarreling, you give way. For peace in long term relationship. Well, women are the same in this. But they apply it in bed. They pretend orgasm so they do not have to tell us that we can not satisfy them. By doing so they actually protects our ego.

They want to please a man

Several studies have shown that women pretend to be orgasm because they want to please their partners. Especially those who are really keen on their bed performance. They hardly bear their failures. If they knew of their failure, it could end up really badly. So our half in this case follows the rule that bad sex is better than none.

Fighting intimacy

This point applies especially to women who have not yet fully resigned to their sexual partner. They do not hesitate to spend the night in bed with their partner, but they struggle to fully show what is in them.

It is associated with accompanying manifestations at the climax. Some are afraid that, for example, they will scare off their partner by screaming while reaching climax. Therefore, during sex, they will end sooner by pretending to orgasm.

They think our own orgasm is enough

Another reason why women pretend to be orgasm is their own ignorance. They had a couple of snobs in bed who were came quickly and that was it. That's why they think all men are like this. But we really care how to satisfy a woman. We are propelled by our own ego and we also know that the female orgasm is important.


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