What are the ideas of women about sex? You may have been unaware of this.

Experienced men have been able to find out what women's ideas about sex are. Maybe they were not afraid to ask their partner. If they were lucky, they were entrusted with them. Or they played Sherlock Holmes and their sexual desire was scrutinized by research. You can skip the two steps. We have looked at what are the ideas of women about sex.

A patient man during foreplay

A lot has been written about the foreplay. But it's still one of the things women can not be without. Therefore, their preconceptions about sex also include a good foreplay, in which their partner will not rush. He will take care of his half and wait until she is properly tuned.

Passionate sex in bed

Another sexual attraction of women is passionate love. Unfortunately, for every woman, passionate sex means something different. Does she want romance? Or rather, harsher treatment? Everything can come with a bit of experimentation. The main thing is to move slowly and patiently. The result will be worth it.

Long-lasting sex

Women's representations of sex also touch the intercourse itself. According to their claims, they should be reasonably long. No one likes extremes. If a man comes within a minute, he will be satisfied, but his partner unlikely. The opposite side of the coin is when the guy prolong the sex for way too long. While the foreplay should be long, sex itself should have the right momentum.

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Love like in a cotton-wool

Our section of what women's ideas about sex closes comfort. The gentle gender longs for loving in a comfortable bed or couch, in a romantic, stress-free atmosphere. This includes, for example, both-sided hygiene to make her partner feel sexy and not to kiss a man's sweaty body.


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